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catalogueGet the TRAININGlink catalogue to see our extensive selection of maritime training films.

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Fleet Discounts

If you’re ordering for more than one vessel, we offer fleet discounts for all our DVDs.

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Tailored DVD Packages

We will help you build a package specifically for the needs of your ships and crew.

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Company Specific Training

We will create training products specifically for your company, with your branding and your vessels.

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Company Specific Training (CST)

TRAININGlink can create a totally unique training film for your company – specifically written with your crew, your vessels, and your objectives in mind.

CST offers a number of benefits over purchasing generic training materials:

  • A chance to directly target your own employees, using familiar surroundings, names and faces
  • The ability to include content from your own Safety Management System
  • Flexible financing options to help fund the production
  • The opportunity to enhance your company safety reputation in the wider maritime community
  • The option to take a generic film and ‘personalise’ it using your own logos, branding and additional company-specific content

By directly targeting a specific vessel-type, a specific safety concern, or a specific part of your organisation, you can provide targeted training to your crews to help improve safety.

cstYour options range from a company-branded version of one of our existing titles to a totally bespoke and unique film-production, with anything in between being possible.

Flexible financing options are also available – you can pay outright for the production, or we can share the cost and then we will sell the completed film (or a version of it) to our retail customers – an excellent way to show the maritime community that your company takes safety seriously!

If you have a specific training requirement and you’re struggling to find the solution, talk to us.

Complete the form below and our Training Producer will get in touch with you to discuss your exact requirements and the options available. We look forward to working with you!

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