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The Maritime Communication Series - human factors training for HELM candidates

Price: £195.00

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The Maritime Communication Series: Part 2 - Navigating Oceans and Cultures

Please note that this film is available at a reduced price when purchased as part of The Maritime Communication Series - three DVD's and Facilitator Guides that give a comprehensive grounding in the art of effective communication to all those in the maritime industry.

Part two of The Maritime Communication Series looks at how cultural issues can prevent effective communication, and how crew and shoreside staff can modify their behaviour and communicate better in what is a multi-cultural industry.

This film and the others in this series are suitable for crew and shore staff at all levels within the maritime industry. Poor communications and relationships because of cultural differences are commonplace and in the maritime industry they can have serious safety implications as well as being commercially costly. Gaining an insight into some of the issues and their impact on communications will be beneficial for everyone, both ashore and onboard.

The aim is to increase the understanding of cultural differences both at sea and ashore, and the impact this can have on working relations and communications. By doing so we hope to reduce the number of maritime incidents that are caused by preventable and often costly human error. This film looks at how crew and shore staff can learn to recognise some of the most common cultural differences, whether we work in the company office or onboard.

The scenario - Departing on time

The Leviathan's cargo needs to be loaded quickly - and crucially in the correct order - but cultural issues arise amongst both the crew and shoreside staff that threaten to delay their departure. What can they do to make sure that they catch the tide?

The topics covered include:

  • Body language, tone and personal space etiquette

  • The use of a common language

  • The use of phrases that may be misinterpreted

  • How hierachy and status vary across differing cultures

  • The benefits of learning about and understanding other cultures

  • Creating a just and fair culture within the organisation

Included with the DVD is a facilitator guide, specifically developed and written for use with this film.

Click here to download a sample copy of the Facilitator Guide

The film is designed to provoke thought and discussion amongst those watching it. While it is not essential that it be used in a group environment, experience shows that the most effective learning comes when participants work out the answers for and amongst themselves, rather than simply being shown a film that 'tells them what to do'. The film is split into four sections and in conjunction with this booklet has been developed to encourage a facilitator-led discussion to pre-empt the voiceover's observations, encouraging viewers to identify the learning points for themselves.

Alternatively, the film can be viewed straight through by a group or individual. Whichever option is used, the aim is to help crew and personnel identify for themselves one or two good habits they can adopt in order to improve cross-cultural working aboard and ashore.

Preview copies are available for appraisal by fleet managers and those interested in deploying this resource within their organisation. We also offer generous fleet discounts for multiple-copy orders. Please contact us for more information and a tailored quote.

Duration: Approx. 13 minutes
Language: English
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Greek, (Brazilian) Portuguese, Russian, Tagalog, Cantonese, Hindi

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