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The TRAININGlink Safety Case

Price: £1695.00

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The TRAININGlink Safety Case

16 of our best-selling safety films on DVD - shipped anywhere in the world in a convenient storage case for safe, easy storage and to protect the DVDs from loss and damage onboard.

A TRAININGlink Safety Case is the perfect way to provide your vessels with a library of safety training films on DVD, and at a considerable cost saving compared to buying training films individually.

Fleet discounts are available - contact us today for a tailored quote.

The Following titles are included in the safety case:

(Please note that we can customise the content of the case to suit your individual requirements. Please contact us and we will arrange a case specifically to meet your own training needs).

Assessing Risk - Hot Work
Part II of the 'Assessing Risk' series, this film looks at the procedure for a written Risk Assessment, particularly in regard to Hot Work onboard, but the lessons can be carried over to any task.

Assessing Risk - Slips, Trips and Falls
Part I of the 'Assessing Risk' series, this film looks at Risk Assessment as a continual process, asking crew to think about taking some responsibility for their own safety onboard.

Assessing Risk - Start to Safe Finish
The third and concluding film in the TRAININGlink 'Risk Assessment' series. This film follows on from 'Assessing Risk - Hot Work' by following through a Risk Assessment from the start of the job to its safe completion.

THINK! First
A series of twelve short safety films, each covering one specific danger area. Each film can be used as part of a safety meeting or included in a safety presentation.

Mooring Operations - One Small Slip
This film addresses the unacceptably high number of incidents in which crew have been injured, sometimes fatally, while participating in this routine operation.

Lifeboat Drills: Preparing for Safety
This film addresses the high number of incidents in which crew have been injured, sometimes fatally, during drills.

A Seafarer's Guide to Energy Conservation & The Marine Environment
This film is about the environment and includes what every seafarer needs to know to stay within the law and to make sure their ship complies with the latest marine legislation.

Oily Water Separators - Do It Right Every Time
An oily water separator is a vital piece of equipment but it can be tricky to use. There is huge pressure to get it right and this film can help!

Emergency Response - The Vital First Minutes
This fast-moving documentary encourages crew to get involved in organising an emergency response plan - before an emergency happens!

Fire Down Below
This film covers many of the issues raised by the ISM Code and STCW, presented in a dramatic way. A powerful training tool that comes with a training book.

Time Bomb - Questions & Answers
Time Bomb tests a ship's crew, to make sure everyone onboard is paying attention to the vital messages within the two films.

Zero Error
This film shows how to develop a culture of 'zero tolerance' towards accidents onboard any ship.

Take 5
This is a simple but highly effective way of helping to make any job safer; it provides guiding points so that the crew can plan to avoid danger.

ECDIS: A Primer & Reminder
This ECDIS training film is not just for the Officer of the Watch, but is equally applicable to their shore-based colleagues.

Pollution Response: Prepare & Prevent
The aim of this film is to impress upon seafarers the importance not just of prevention, but of preparation. Avoiding a pollution incident in the first place is obviously critical, but accidents will happen and the crew that is well drilled will be the one that is best placed to deal with an emergency situation.

Bridge Team Management - Pilot Onboard!
This film emphasizes the importance of communication, cooperation, and including the pilot in the bridge team when he is onboard.

All DVD titles are supplied in a strong, lightweight carry-case to make it easy for the Ship Safety Officer to keep the films safe and secure.

Fleet discounts may be available - Please contact us for a quote

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