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Pollution Response: Prepare & Prevent

The aim of this film is to impress upon seafarers the importance not just of prevention, but of preparation.

Avoiding a pollution incident in the first place is obviously critical, but accidents will happen and the crew that is well drilled will be the one that is best placed to deal with an emergency situation.

The film opens with a fictitious news story about an accident where the crew were totally unprepared and a damaging pollution incident followed. We close using a similar story where the well-drilled crew had everything under control, there was no pollution and hence no damaging repercussions.

The film discusses some of the common causes of marine pollution - both accidental and deliberate - and ways of minimising these risks. For example, we look at the role that maintenance plays and the importance of good record-keeping.

The core of the film is following through a real pollution drill, from the planning stage, the drill itself and then the follow-up. We look at the role of the officers and the crew-members, stressing that every crew-member involved has a part to play:

"With lower manning levels now common, it's vital that everyone understands their responsibilities, should the worst occur."

Length: 15 minutes
Language: English
Subtitles: Chinese, English, French, Greek, Hindi, (Brazilian) Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog

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