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Energy Conservation & The Marine Environment

Price: £165.00

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A Seafarer's Guide to Energy Conservation & The Marine Environment

This film is about the environment and includes what every seafarer needs to know to stay within the law and to make sure their ship complies with the latest marine legislation.

The film is aimed at everyone at sea. It is particularly relevant to seafarers from non-industrialised and rural communities, who may not understand the urgency involved.

"One of the best training movies that I have seen in my 32 years of sea career. Very well made movie - simple language, well directed, good cinematography."
Capt Nisha Jain, Greatship (India) Limited.

Watch a preview of the film:

The film covers every aspect of onboard energy conservation, waste management
and what it means to be a professional and responsible seafarer.

This isn't just a good thing to do - it's essential for the viability of every shipping company. Just like previous MARPOL rulings, this is here to stay, and must become a part of everyday life onboard ship.

Length: 20 minutes
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Greek, Tagalog, English

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