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ECDIS training

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ECDIS: A Primer & Reminder

Ask any ship manager about ECDIS and they will have a story or two to tell - and they won't all be good ones. ECDIS is a major advancement in the way we navigate our ships, but it's a complex subject and one that is frequently not sufficiently understood, leading to a host of problems from wasted money to grounded vessels.

This film is not just for the Officer of the Watch, but is equally applicable to their shore-based colleagues.

As a 'Primer' it's aimed at officers and crew that are about to undergo training (generic or type-specific) or those whose job - onboard or ashore - doesn't justify the cost of a training course but who need a better understanding of the technology.

As a 'Reminder' it's intended for those that have already been trained and may have been working with ECDIS for some time, but not necessarily correctly. Or safely.

The film discusses the basics of navigating and working with ECDIS, including the new skills and procedures that are needed:

  • The regulations: The mandatory carriage requirements for ECDIS (including SOLAS Chapter V and the Manila Amendments to the STCW code) and flag-state rules.

  • The technology - What is ECDIS? - What is an ENC? - What inputs are required?

  • Electronic charts: What is the critical difference between a Raster (RNC) and a Vector (ENC) chart? Why does it matter? What are the implications? What does RCDS mean?

  • What sensor inputs are required? What happens if GPS is lost?

  • Navigating with ECDIS: How does ECDIS affect the job of navigating your ship? The new procedures necessary for safe electronic navigation.

  • Bridge Procedures for ECDIS: What to do when things go wrong, monitoring the accuracy of sensor input, the watch handover, software and system updates etc

The film looks at the importance of maintaining your situational awareness - continually confirming that "ECDIS is correct!" and the film stresses the crucial importance, using real world examples, of the potential danger to the OOW of blindly trusting ECDIS - "it's a computer, it must be right!"

Made with the assistance of renowned Southampton-based training provider ECDIS Ltd the film is generic in its nature and the lessons learned can be applied by anyone involved with e-navigation, regardless of the specific equipment they are using.

The DVD also includes a series of five checklists and cards that crew can print for use onboard:
* GNSS (GPS) failure checklist
* ECDIS failure checklist
* Watch handover checklist
* Primary ECDIS management card
* Secondary ECDIS management card

This film is an invaluable training resource. Whether you're new to ECDIS or you already have experience of the technology, the message is the same; "ECDIS training is about more than just knowing where the menus are; it's about knowing where YOU are."

Length: 27 minutes
Language: English
Subtitles: Chinese, English, French, Greek, Hindi, (Brazilian) Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog

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