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Fire Down Below

Fire Down Below is a gripping safety drama about a fire investigator's determination to uncover the real causes of a fire onboard a ship in which a young cadet died. Making his way around the ship, investigator Jan Henderson starts to get a picture of the way the ship is run, of the crew's poor attitude to safety and of a Master who is close to breaking point.

Fire Down Below covers many of the issues raised by the ISM Code and STCW, including the importance of a safety culture both onboard and in the board room, correct record-keeping and maintenance procedures as well as the individual responsibility for safety onboard.

Once his investigations are complete, Henderson makes a presentation to the owners of the vessel. His report reveals that while there was a superficial physical cause to the fire, the fire actually started eight months ago ...

The film closes with a personal message for the viewer from Jan; "What about you and your ship? It's true what I said back there - accidents rarely have a single catastrophic cause. They start with the little things. Is there a culture of safety on your ship? Are you a part of it? You should be."

Customers interested in this training aid should also consider our Human Factors series of films and guidebooks. You can find out more by visiting this page.

Length: 25 minutes
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish, Russian, Chinese

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