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Assessing Risk: Start to Safe Finish

Price: £165.00

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Assessing Risk - Start to Safe Finish

The third of the 'Risk Assessment' series of films from TRAININGlink.

This film follows on from 'Assessing Risk - Hot Work' by following through a Risk Assessment from the start of the job to its safe completion.

The film looks at the reasoning behind carrying out a Risk Assessment rather than the specifics of how this is undertaken onboard any particular vessel. The exact methodology used onboard should be covered by the vessel SMS, and this film is designed to support training crew in understanding and following the SMS.

This film can be purchased in a package of the complete series, at a considerable saving over the standard list price - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

This film is primarily intended to be shown in conjunction with part II of the series, 'Assessing Risk - Hot Work' as a final reminder of the reasons for carrying out a thorough Risk Assessment. We would suggest showing part II at the start of a training session, then discuss the subject and then close with this short film.

The 'Assessing Risk' series of films are a major contribution toward understanding safety and the creation of a 'culture of safety' onboard any vessel.

The concluding film in our best selling 'Risk Assessment' series

Fleet discounts are available for this and all our films. Call +44 (0)1375 489 792 and ask for Nick Brown to discuss your requirements.

Length: 10 minutes
Language: English
Subtitles: Chinese, English, French, Greek, Hindi, (Brazilian) Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog

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(Discounts are available when purchased as part of a TRAININGlink Safety Case)

"Safety - it's not about blame, it's about saving lives!"

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