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Personal Safety & Social Responsibility

Price: £225.00

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Personal Safety & Social Responsibility

Produced in conjunction with the Ship Operations Cooperative Program, this product illustrates safe working practices, effective human relationships, fundamentals of communication and chain of command, emergency procedures and pollution prevention. It utilizes dramatized scenarios that produce emotionally-based comprehension of the subject matter. Like the other components of the Onboard Basic Safety Training Program, it consists of DVD training media, an audio-visual test and a Workbook. The content of this program is compatible with the Interactive Training, Drilling & Assessment Compact Disk.

Content is organized into three segments.

Part 1

- How to Use This Program
- Signing On
- Ship Familiarization
- Alarms
- Abandon Ship
- Fire
- Man Overboard
- Medical Emergencies
- Training, Drills & Assessment
- On the Job Safety

Part 2

- Cargo Operations
- Mooring
- Back Care
- Interior Spaces
- Pollution Prevention
- Communication
- Human Relationships
- Valuing Diversity
- Zero Tolerance

Part 3
- Certification

Crew members should be assigned to watch Personal Safety & Social Responsibility Parts 1 & 2, then view the audio-visual test while recording their answers to the test questions.

Answer sheets and Certificates of Completion should be signed by each crewmember, his or her supervisor and by the captain, and maintained with crew records. Crewmembers are encouraged to keep copies of the Certificate of Completion with their personal records as well.

Photocopy master versions of the answer sheet and Certificate of Completion can be found in the back of the Workbook. Remove these pages and create as many copies as you require. You also have the option of removing the answer sheet at the back of the Workbook before it is issued to crew personnel. DVD-Video

Length: 35 minutes
Language: English

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