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Think! FIRST - from TRAININGlink Maritime Training Films

Price: £195.00

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Think! FIRST

The 'Think! FIRST' film is a series of short training scenarios designed to encourage crew to think about their own safety while they're going about their work. Each scenario looks at a specific task or risk area and our trainer goes through the most basic precautions necessary to prevent an injury or accident.

Presented by a Trainer, the presentation is kept deliberately brief as an aid to memorising three key safety points. The film can be used as a standalone training aid or as a discussion starter for a training session with the onboard Safety Officer, where the subject can be covered in more detail.

There are 12 short films on the DVD (see the list of titles below).The 'Fatigue' title is featured below, and you can watch the 'Hearing Protection' title on the Home page of our website ...

The film comes with a PDF booklet the trainer can print and handout to crew that goes into more depth on the subjects. There are also 12 A4 safety posters included on the DVD which can be printed onboard, one for each of the training films.

The DVD also contains smaller, low resolution versions of the clips in WMV format, suitable for use in Powerpoint Presentations etc. You are licensed to use the clips in your own presentations, as long as they are not sold or otherwise commercially distributed.

Situations covered are:

1: Mooring Snapback Zones
2: Hearing Protection - Protect it, or Lose it!
3: Confined & Enclosed Spaces
4: General Mooring Deck safety
5: Deck plates -- Lifting and Replacing
6: Watertight Doors -- Know how they operate, and the 'Death of a Dummy'
7: Slips, Trips & Falls
8: Out on deck
9: Intervention
10: Fatigue & Tiredness
11: Hot Work
12: Monkeyfist/Monkeypaw

The 12 short films have been developed for use as part of a safety training meeting, or embeded into your own onboard safety presentations etc. They are designed to get the viewer to think about the subject matter, either based on their existing knowledge or encouraging them to research and ask questions.

Used as a supplement to your existing onboard training routine, this series will considerably enhance the Safety Culture onboard.

Length: 20 minutes
Language: English

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