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Price: £275.00

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Security Drills: Nine Steps to Success

This extraordinary package is the essential onboard teaching tool for guiding the Ship Security Officer in the design and implementation of effective security drills.

The program presents the 9 basic steps that need to be taken in any drill or exercise to ensure a successful outcome for your crew. Each step is detailed and amplified on with commentary from USCG Captain (Ret.) Richard Softye. Several typical drill scenarios are presented, each ready for your crew to put into practice.

Included with each program is the unique and comprehensive "Security Drill Scenario Selector". Based on the ISPS Code, the Scenario Selector is crafted to assist the SSO in designing and recording quarterly onboard security drills. The user is able to choose from 18 different variables in 4 major groups to test: security level, voyage status, security threat and element of security plan.

This package also includes the SSO Reference CD-ROM, comprising full version of the Security NOW Guidebook and the Maritime Security Awareness Training Workbook, as well as a security test, a certificate of completion and much more!

Length: 32 minutes
Language: English
Subtitles: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian

(Discounts are available when purchased as part of a TRAININGlink Safety Case)

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