Complacency at Work? Managing Risk, Routine & Uncertainty

Routine, familiarity, stress, distraction and overload, amongst other things,
can catch us out. We misjudge risk. We pay attention to the wrong things.
To onlookers, we become complacent.


The Maritime Communication Series

The maritime world relies on its people, and those
people rely on communication...

The Maritime Communication Series Youtube video

The Human Element

A new release to deploy across your fleet and offices.
A major advance in behavioural safety training.

The Human Element Youtube video

Bridge Team Management - Pilot Onboard!

Successful Bridge Team Management brings together
a number of skills, all relating to good teamwork.

Bridge Team Managment Youtube video

ECDIS: Primer & Reminder

ECDIS training is about more than just knowing
where the menus are, it's about knowing where you are.

ECDIS Youtube video

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Accidents don't just hurt, they can be expensive too -
time, money, and of course your health.

Slips, Trips and Falls Youtube video

Pollution Response

Accidents will happen, and the crew that is well prepared
will be the one able to deal with an emergency situation.

Pollution Response Youtube video

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